sábado, 22 de febrero de 2014


Dear friends, so happy to introduce at last my sweet Enni, head sculpt.

Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it!

Enni will be for sale from next Saturday, March the 1st. at 11:00 spanish time (please notice not 23:00, the time is 11:00 in the morning)

 This is how you will able to catch your Enni head:

- Write an e-mail to senseismakeup@hotmail.com
- Wite your name, adress, and make up option: no make up or custom make up.
- Wait for confirmation.

A soon as all 9 Enni heads available are caught, I will upload an entry.

Once you get your confirmation, I´ll message you with the payment and shipping details.


  • Head with no face up: 85 euros (shipping not included)
  • Head + custom face up: 125 euros (shiping not included)
Head measurements & details:

Head perimeter: 17 cm (Notice Enni head is small compared with other MSD, similar to Unoa Lusis)
Wig size recommended: 7 inches, some 6-7 inches wig can fit her, if you choose 7-8 size you must use a head cap.
Eye size recommended: 12 mm
Head system: Hook or ring, not included
Skintone: Dollshe Oriental Skin
Skin matches: For the moment only tried Fairyland NS, not exactly the same, but as you can see in pictures they fit very nice.


The dream came true, she is here!!