viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

Little break

Hi my dearies!! I want to announce that I won´t open lists this month. 

Due to a terrible neck ache I´ve been suffering for long, and other issues, I will open back in January probably after the 6th.

Also I would love yo have time to finish Enni elf head, so I can release a pre-order in January too.

For my current customers waiting, I hope I will end within this week and next. And my dear traders, I will start your face ups right ending the last ones I have here.

Thanks so much everyone!!



From time to time, is nice to interact with other amazing artists in this BJD world. To trade is a nice way to do it. Lately I`ve been trading mostly clothes for face up works, sometimes, even pieces of resin as a partial trade such as heads or small parts.

I´m so happy with this kind of interaction, because thanks to it, I´ve been able to meet deeply so cute people.

Thanks everyone who offered me nice trades! Here are some examples of awesome and cute clothes shop owners who traded with me, hope you like everything and take an eye on their websites and shops!!!

This is from my friends Dafne and Kika-bi on flickr. It´s been long since our friendship started and it´s been so nice to enjoy their lovely works!

Another of my favourite doll artists is my dear Summomo and her beautiful shoes and bags for dolls, They are so finely made, I just love them!! Sorry I can´t find cute pictures of my own shoes and bags, I will borrow some from her etsy shop! Visit her, you will love everyhting!!!

Another super sweet friend of mine in this hobby is Amy Lilley BJD, you can find her etsy shop here. She made an awesome corset for my Enni in her Minifée Body, and also some cute tunics as a birthday present! She stamps beautiful and cute prints on her clothes. So kawaii!!!

I also have to mention my dear Cristina from Cositasdenenitas. You can see her Minifée Celine modelling, who was maked up by me <3 Her clothes are beautifully made, so tiny and cute <3 I asked her to make something for my Pure Neemo "Tifa" and I was more than happy with the result <3

Talking about trades, I can´t forget my recent friend Airee from SMPdoll, she is so sweet and kind, and her clothes are so fashion and casual, my Minifée girls look like little real people with them!! Just lovely, I can say I will trade again in the future, or buy more clothes from her!!

And my last trade, and one that makes me really happy, is with the spanish artist Lola from Atelier Momoni. She is a complete artist, since she doesn´t only make awesome clothes, but she also is face up artist and sculptor, Check her awesome and cute dolls if you don´t know them already. I traded this outfit from her that is simply gorgeous and breathtaking! Here are the last pictures of the entry, and with them I say "see you soon!" I hope you enjoyed!! Please visit these awesome artists!!! 

Big Sensei´s hugs!!!

Tan girls (Feeplee)