jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

News about November opening

Hi guys! How are you doing?

As many of you know, I´ve been (kind of still being, sadly) through some health issues. This fact made me have serious delay with latest commissions, I really apologize about this, my dear friends.

The good news are that, I´m starting to feel a bit better (yay!) and that I hope I will be able to finish all the commissions I have home within the next two weeks.

That´s why I feel so happy, and I´m planning Nobember opening.

With all the hype about feeling a bit better, I wanted to celebrate with a new image for the make up announcements. Do you like it?

Felt so inspired by "Mr.Wonderful" brand and handwritten style, really hope you find it cute too <3

So, about the opening then!

It will take place next Sunday, November the 6th at 15:00 spanish time.

I hope to see you there, remember there is no limit of slots per person, you can add to your cart more than two face up slots if you wish.

For more info, please check section: How to order.


Thanks for reading.

Rakeru <3