sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

Hoping to release Enni for Christmas

Hi everyone!

As many of you must know I´m planning on the release of my own head sculpt, named Enni. I´ve been working on her for a few weeks, and still finishing the last details.

I´m planning on ordering 10 heads in oriental skin, she will be casted by Dollshe, is the third tone starting from the left.

I have big hopes for this tones to match other natural skintones!!

Here is the latest picture of Enni:

I think she will look very pretty with a nice face up! I just can´t wait!!!
I will probably order 10 resin Enni heads, I will keep one of them, so 9 Enni heads will be available for sure!
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Thanks for your support and kindness!!

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