jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Introducing Gabrielle

She is my last girl, Gabrielle, a Minifée Chloe!
I´m so in love with her, I hope you like her too!

First, you can see some pictures of her arrival, and
the make up process,and after that you´ll see her finished!

Here true eyes are taking a month or two to be
here, so meanwhile I´ll use different eyes on her.



Ella es mi última nena, Gabrielle, una Minifée Chloe.
estoy enamorada de ella, espero que también os guste!

Primero os dejo con unas fotos de su llegada y el
proceso de maquillaje, y después ella completa!

Sus verdaderos ojos aún van a tardar un mes o dos, así
que mientras tanto, le iré probando distintos ojillos!


4 comentarios:

  1. I am so happy you received her, isn't it like a dream come true?????

    1. Of course she is!!!!!!!!!! I´m so happy with my minifée family!
      Thanks a lot!!!!

  2. She is beautiful, I love her face, you have really done it justice. I am very partial to Fairyland Dolls.

    1. They are all beautiful slupts!!!!
      Thanks a lot, I love her!